Just imagine a liquid, you pour it into a container and it takes exactly the shape that it supposed to have, it fits as you want, it adapts perfectly. My dresses are basically like this, they fit and they change depending on the woman who wears them. A woman that has no age and no limits. She wakes up in the morning and she knows that it is the right moment to choose the person to be during the day.

This idea literally overwhelmed me like the city where i live, Berlin. Here there is no place for uniformity. It is the city that never sleeps. It develops itself over and over again and you have to change and to adapt yourself with it. At the same time my heart belongs to Italy, to its elegance, to its authentic shapes, to our wonderful tailored cuts, to our silk of Como, to our macrame lace. This is the very substance of the brand Zampolini, a fusion between the never-ending energy of Berlin and the italian authenticity, which makes each of our garments unique.